Civil War AI Posters Tutorial 🔥

My entire AI, Art Direction & Layout Process Revealed 💡

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A4’s s AI posters for "Civil War" generated quite a buzz online lately (if you haven’t seen them) Personally thought it was a quite interesting approach in expanding the fictional war torn America the film is set in - including places and scenes which were not present in the film.

It inspired me to make these "Civil War Part II - Europe is next" where I play with various European landmarks and archetypes within the same aesthetic

How to make a Civil War AI Poster YouTube Video. Check it out and let me know what you think.

 ✅ This week you’re getting a free video tutorial & breaking down how I made these "Civil War Part II" Posters and opening up about my Art Direction process, which AI tools & the entire process from ideation to generation to layout in crafting these type of visuals.

❗It’s A Full AI & Design Breakdown❗

 This is just the very first part of a larger initiative of starting up a Creative AI Online Community - which will be l be a free online community centered around learning how you can develop your visual AI skills for design, marketing, creative work and much more with me as your guide, as well as exchanging ideas, workflows, tips and much more with all other community members 💡

Watch the video and you’ll be able to make some of these 👇🏻

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